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The plastic field is growing every year with more and more products being made from all types of injection molded and machined plastics. Plastic Parts, Inc. has grown since 1966 to be a part of almost every market for plastics. We've gone out of our way to provide custom injection molding services for customers in a wide variety of industries without ever focusing on one industry to the detriment of others. As we learn from one market and apply our knowledge to another, we help our customers innovate and find solutions that are extremely unique.  This broad customer base provides stability, and enhances our ability to deliver better products and services across all of our customers' markets.  

We have the materials, ideas and technical expertise that you need to produce your product successfully. Choose a market segment to learn more about our product offerings.

Transportation — View Album

The transportation market has made an enormous conversion to plastic parts from metal components and we have kept customers on the cutting edge of that advancement. Converting parts to plastic material can help drive down costs, maintain part strength and reduce weight, compared to metal parts.  We have the knowledge and expertise to produce reliable, high-performance interior and exterior plastic components and molds for transportation manufacturers.

  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Truck and Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment

Heavy Equipment — View Album

Manufacturers of heavy equipment have relied on us for decades to design new components and reverse engineer existing parts.  In many cases, we have been able to identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve function, and enhance the appearance of large and small parts for construction and agricultural equipment. Understanding the end use of the product is very important and is the key to selecting the appropriate materials that withstand the tough work performed by heavy equipment. 

Lawn & Garden / Outdoor Power Equipment — View Album

From plastic parts production for lawn mower steering wheels to discharge chutes, we have continuously advanced products for major manufacturers of leading lawn & garden and outdoor power equipment. Our designs for industry-leading components improve equipment functionality and provide lasting brand longevity through in-mold decoration techniques to exacting design specifications. 

Lighting — View Album

With nearly 50 years of experience in injection molding, coating and assembly of plastic parts in the commercial and residential lighting markets, we consider ourselves experts in the field.  We accept low volume and high volume production at competitive rates.

Electronics — View Album

We have long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers in the electronics market providing a truly scalable resource with a talented workforce who possess broad expertise developing plastic electronics components. We understand the sensitivity to certain elements in electronics assembly tools and have designed efficient tools for assembling plastic electronics devices and components.

Marine — View Album

The marine market is another industry that underwent a dramatic transformation away from wood components to plastic parts. The shift has enabled greater design flexibility and product durability using a variety of plastics materials. The potential for plastic injection molded products in the marine industry are limitless! 

Household Appliances — View Album

Plastic parts applications in the household appliance market are continuously growing. Use of plastic injection molded parts lowers product weight; resists impact, wear, vibration, and chemicals; provides electrical, sound and heat insulation and more. The high design freedom that plastic provides makes it an attractive, economical solution. We’ve been producing top-quality plastic parts for the household appliance market for decades.

Furniture — View Album

We are experts at material selection for injection molded plastic parts for the furniture market including furniture accessories and decorations. Our expertise includes the development of components to exacting specifications and collaboration on enhancements to existing product designs. 

Plumbing/HVAC — View Album

With the use of plastics manufacturing technologies such as in-mold labeling, gas assist molding, and other value-added processes, we can create any plastic component for HVAC needs. Thanks to our vast experience in complex industrial part molding, we exceed expectations with efficient production that is on time and cost effective.  

Motor Components — View Album

We provide innovative and durable custom injection molded plastic parts for industrial products including the motor market. Our expertise in this market includes small engine parts, gear box components, device housings, machine panels and more. Plastic injection insert molding and plastic over-molding are highly effective methods for producing unlimited motor component configurations.

As a contract manufacturer, Plastic Parts provides complete assemblies, streamlining manufacturing cycles with quick turn-around. 

Children's Products — View Album

The toy market is filled with parts developed and assembled from plastic. From prototypes to production, we have the tools to design and produce the custom injection molded plastic toys and assemblies you need with decoration techniques such as pad printing, hot stamping, and IMD/IML while meeting the unique safety concerns relevant in the toy market.