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Thermoplastic encapsulation processOur facility is equipped with plastic injection molding machines and systems that provide flexibility and competitive advantages for our customers. At Plastic Parts, Inc., our focus on plastic injection molding innovation begins with understanding equipment and technology and how to employ it to solve problems, lower cost and improve design. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and personnel skilled in their operation.

  • Presses from 65 to 500-ton

  • Part and shot sizes from minute up to 80 ounces

In-house Tool Room

Our sophisticated in-house production supports design intent through a rapid tooling process without sacrificing part detail. We provide tooling for parts and complete assemblies with in-house capabilities that include sonic welding, spin welding and orbital riveting. Multi-cavity tooling can minimize machine costs, offering a trade-off of higher up-front costs, but lower per piece part costs.

Tool construction is determined by a matrix of factors including lead-time, number of parts, material desired, part geometry and tolerances. Advantages to using quick turnaround tools include print specified materials, parts per print and the ability to maintain an aggressive timeline.