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Order Management

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

At Plastic Parts, Inc. we use a fully integrated Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system that handles everything from real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process to accounting. Twenty computers located throughout the factory provide access to a common information link assuring that the entire organization is focused on quality and on-time execution.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of our machines enables accurate and dynamic scheduling of production flow. Schedules are constantly updated providing visibility to what is running and which processes may have issues. With the integration of real-time scrap, quality results are known immediately. We are able to track the movement of materials throughout the production cycle through our Warehouse Management System. 

Our highly qualified personnel have successfully used this management software for Plastics Parts, Inc. customers for many years and are dedicated to serving your needs.

Kanban Ordering System

Our lean production process includes a Kanban ordering system used to eliminate overproduction. By synchronizing the level of production to demand, this communication system allows us to reduce the amount of necessary in-process and post-process inventory, and lower costs for our customers.

Supermarket Ordering System

When it makes sense for customer needs, we implement a supermarket ordering system to replenish inventory levels of each customer item. By incorporating a timed delivery system, we are able to deliver components to assembly on a consistent basis from a centralized location. Like the Kanban ordering system, the supermarket system helps our customers maintain a reduced inventory level and simplify operations.