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Plastic overmolded adjuster shoePlastic Parts, Inc. strives to provide excellent service to our customers from the start of your injection molding project to the delivery of the completed plastic injection molded products. We provide full service engineering support, product development, and design assistance from the mold development stages through the finished part molding, assembly, decorating, and packaging.


Our plastics machining capabilities ensure the highest degree of accuracy and stability. Plastic Parts, Inc. provides turning, drilling, threading, tapping, milling and sawing.

Our skilled operators understand the machining characteristics of plastics and how they differ from metals. They are trained in maintaining tight tolerances and working with requirements for differing plastics surface finishes and material responses during machining operations. We ensure optimum conditions are met for all machined parts including thermal expansion, heat loss, softening temperatures and elasticity. Our fully-trained, knowledgeable operators understand the necessary fixtures, tool materials, angles, speeds and feed rates to obtain the exacting results our customers’ projects require. 


Plastic welding offers superior strength, and often drastically reduced cycle times, to mechanical joining and chemical bonding. We offer several methods of plastic welding including ultrasonics, vibration, spin, hot plate, laser/infrared, radio frequency and implant. Our expert team understands heating methods, pressure, and cooling allowances for each welding type – critical for creating optimum weld strength for plastic parts. 


Streamlined production yields cost-saving opportunities. We implement lean manufacturing and value stream principles throughout the product development process, including assembly. With consolidation of parts we minimize inventory and make tracking easier. Customized assembly including automation builds products quickly, accurately, and reduces labor costs while consistently delivering high production quality with reduced waste and increased product value.

Robotic Part Picking

Robotic part picking reduces cost and improves quality for plastic injection molded parts.  Plastic Parts, Inc. is committed to optimizing the speed and reliability of our plastic injection molding operations. Use of robotics and automation are a critical component of the part and mold design and plastic injection molding process.

Effective integration of robotics and automation in plastic injection molding provides many advantages for simple or complex applications:

  • Improved, consistent quality parts
  • Reduced molding, labor, waste and part costs
  • Consistent cycle times for more efficient production

Complete In-House Automation Capabilities

Plastic Parts, Inc. in-house automation capabilities include:

  • Custom end-of-arm tooling
  • Part loading and insert loading automation
  • Part picking and handling automation
  • In-mold decorating and labeling automation
  • Overmolding automation
  • Vision inspection systems and other quality inspection and verification automation
  • Automated sorting, stacking, assembly, packaging and other downstream operations
  • Custom fixtures and automation components
  • Simple robotics to complete automation cells
  • Automation of on-line and off-line operations

Production Support

Our complete production support includes accurately tracking the maintenance cycle of mold development. Our project team includes toolmakers, molding experts, quality and manufacturing specialists who work together to deliver molds that meet customer requirements.